Obediah Reefer

Cleric, Lotus Eater, Clan of the Demon Sorcerers


Obediah is as pure and holy as a Melnibonean could be. Of course this means he only dabbled in murder, trickery, infernal sorcery, and black magicks from time to time.

Obediah has lived for nearly a millenia, and while he is not opposed to wonton destruction, he is a man of purpose. Obediah sees the bigger picture and relishes watching history unfold. Obediah has studied all forms of Magick and Arcana, and settled upon the Magicks of the divine out of sheer Irony.

What could be more satisfying than channelling the powers of the good, as someone who has been shunned as evil since birth? While he has studied the divine ways for centuries, his tenuous connection to anything remotely good has made his success slower than it might have been. The Divine gods are not as ready to respond to his will as if he had been a being of purity and chastity.

Obediah Reefer is a family name, passed down over the long millenia to the first born of the house of Reefer. The firstborn usually take up the family herbal trade, harvesting and selling the Black Magic Lotus that grows all over the isle. Obediah had a rebellious streak in his first hundred years or so, and refused to learn much about the family business other than how to consume the lotus without being consumed by it.

Obediah survived the trechery of the albino emperor because unlike the other melniboneans, he could grasp the mind of their emperor. Their emperor was a man who did what he thought was best, regardless of the cost. This goes at ends with the entire lifestyle of the melnibonean people, one of opulence and self centered focus. Because he knew this, he expected the emperor to destroy his people, for the greater good.

Obediah was not particularly fond of his people, they weren’t a loving and gentle race by any means, so rather than inform his people and risk his own death at the hands of the emperor, he prepared himself to survive. Through years of study he learned how to make a circle of protection from evil, an unusually potent spell, and meditated in his familial home within the circle.

The Melnibonean race is not a hasty one. The circle ran for decades with Obediah within it’s confines, as he patiently awaited the emperors actions. Noone looked for him because he was forgettable, and had no familial obligations. Obediah would probably have sat meditating for another hundred years had his meditations not been interrupted by the party of adventurers he had been watching through his scrying glass.


Obediah Reefer

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