Mashadar - The Tree of Death

The Progenitor of Destruction, the antithesis of existence.


Law and Chaos created the planes of existence. Order and disorder, peace and discord, pandemonium and discipline. These things came together to create existence out of the nothingness. Good could not exist without evil, and evil cannot exist without good. The balance must be preserved at all costs, for the ultimate cost is the return of the nothingness.

If Ygdrassil is the beginning of existence, providing life to the just and the unjust; then Mashadar is the end, taking all life into it’s form.

Mashadar is sentient as Ygdrassil, however both of these antithetical titans exist in such a manner as to seem elemental in the brute scope of their minds. A Millenia is a blink to such beings, and the trivial pursuits of power and peace of the lesser beings mean nothing to them. Noone could possibly predict the desires of these two beings, but one thing was always known: Mashadar and Ygdrassil each is easily capable of destroying all of existence on their own.

Mashadar and Ygdrassil have been eternally entwined since time began. Mashadar, in it’s infinite hunger, perpetually seeks to devour. Ygdrassil, in it’s infinite provision, perpetually seeks to cast off it’s power.

So it has been since time immemorial, Mashadar taking the brunt of the raw creative power of Ygdrassil, and Ygdrassil curbing the appetite of Mashadar. These two have existed in harmony with each other, life and death, creation and destruction. The balance of the two has allowed the planes to have a form of constancy, life ebbing and flowing, growing and dying. An unstoppable force of chaos, following the rigid lines of immovable law. Such was the nature of time.

A single death or a hundred is nothing to Mashadar, a thousand deaths, ten thousand, a million. Candles extinguished with a gale force wind. Death is easy for Mashadar, life on the other hand, is not. Every time a being is reincarnated, every time an undead minion is spawned, it is a blow to Mashadar. An eternally hungry being having it’s food forcibly ripped from it’s own gullet successfully drives it to become more ravenous.

So it has been, in the last few millenia, that the balance has been tipped between Mashadar and Ygdrassil. The advent of powerful magic users who could defy death has been disastrous to Mashadar’s feeding. Mashadar’s hunger has grown with every undead brought back to life, every miracle returning the dead to the land of the living, every time Mashadar was cheated of a meal, it’s hunger intensified. Eventually the massive hunger of Mashadar was pushed to a breaking point. It did not just want to consume what Ygdrassil had been feeding it for Aeons, it wanted more. It was truly malcontent for the first time since existence had occurred.

This final stroke, this final hunger pang, was dealt to Mashadar in a bittersweet fashion. It tasted thousands of delicious souls all at once, a fine middle of the millenia snack, and just as it started to feel as if it were maintaining balance for the first time in thousands of years, it’s entire snack was ripped from it’s gullet.

Mashadar felt the calling of the accursed noise. It felt the souls that it had contented itself to devour be pulled out of it. It felt them leave it’s maw. It felt the accursed sound of the horn, pulling it’s latest meal from it’s rightful resting place.

Mashadar had enough. It knew where it’s meal had gone. The Material Plane. A long way from the Sea of Chaos that Mashadar called home. Mashadar would be hungry along the way, why not stop and feast as it went?

And so it was that Mashadar – the Tree of Death left the Sea of Chaos and struck out through the planes of existence, the nearest being the infernal plane. It set out to reclaim it’s meal, and maybe get an appetizer along the way.

Mashadar was overwhelmed when it bled through the planes. All this? So much to consume! It felt as if it had been given the tiniest morsels for the longest time, as if Ygdrassil was holding out on it so as to only feed it directly while it kept it’s pet universe to itself. Mashadar would devour it all. Mashadar would consume everything that had ever existed. And then, when there was nothing left but Mashadar, Ygdrassil, and the Sea of Chaos….Then Mashadar thought it may know what it meant to be content with a meal.


Mashadar - The Tree of Death

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