Marty Mcfly

Wizard... and pervert.


Marty Mcfly is an excellent arcane wizard when he isn’t trying to make it with the ladies…or the gentlemen…or the livestock…or the pen that keeps the livestock. His greatest strength is his raw power of his magics, and he has a corrupted staff that he carries. His staff whispers darkness to his heart, which only seems to fuel his lustful ways.

Marty’s past is unknown to his party members as he is a very open pervert, yet seems very reticent to talk about his life. The truth is Marty was one a man with a strong moral compass, until he arrived home one day to find his wife completely nude and waiting for him. Though this was out of the ordinary, Marty’s mind was on other more matrimonial things. Afterwards, Marty woke in the morning and beside him in his bed was the emaciated corpse of his wife, 24 hours dead by the looks of it. He found a small letter beside the bedstand written in the infernal language and inked in blood:

“Last night was Marvelous, you really should give yourself over to debauchery more frequently. Perhaps I’ll come have some more fun with you at a later date. – S.”

Heartbroken and loathing himself Marty could never get the impurity of his actions out of his mind. The only brief respite he can find is in the loving arms of another, however this tonic is bitter sweet as he feels even more guilt afterward. Marty also seems to come down with Chlamydia frequently, even after he has had it healed off of him, and has not been with a partner for months. He knows it is the mark of the Succubus on him, and vows to one day destroy every demon temptress.

Marty’s staff is a demon temptress of it’s own, but since he has yet to figure out a way to destroy it, he holds it close indeed. His nightmares and slowly growing arachnaphobia he attributes to his staff, though he cannot be totally sure.


Marty Mcfly

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