Firmest Ass on the 7 Seas


There are few names upon the high seas feared more than the name of Malbutu. He is not known for his brutality, his savagery, or his prowess with a blade. Rather, he is feared for his seductive ass. Many a man has lost his woman to Malbutu’s ass. Many a man has lost his right to call himself a man to Malbutu’s ass.

Malbutu is a man who respects earthly pleasures. He began piracy as a young boy, barely old enough to walk on the deck of the first skiff he every worked. He boarded large galleons under the premise of being a deckhand cleaning the ships, and pilfered everything he could find. Malbutu has tattoos covering his body and piercings across his ears and face. His skin is layered with years of tattoos, each one telling a different story of a different adventure or a different love.

It was on one such mission that Malbutu encountered Kamini. He opened a cabin door thinking noone was inside and instead found a woman of incredible beauty. She was not a young woman, however she seemed not a day out of her prime. Rather than looking scared, she gave Malbutu an inviting smile and said, “My, but you look like a strapping young man.” As she wrapped her arms around him and closed the door, Malbutu realized he was in for quite an experience indeed.

Malbutu has known a number of men, women, various demi-humans, and the occasional jelly fish since then, however noone has ever taught him as much as Kamini. Malbutu has spent the last 15 years searching the 7 seas in an attempt to locate her vessel “The Lotus Petal” but to no avail. Since that day at port noone has ever heard of “The Lotus Petal” or it’s lady captain Kamini. Without her, Malbutu would never have known the sensual way of the nipple.



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