The Adversary, Illathid Black Guard


Kog has known the ways of the light. Once beholden to Balthuzar the god of Smiting, Kog was a holy avenger, seeking to smite evil wherever he may find it. All that changed on a day when those he was closest to struck him down, in thename of the greater good.

Could they not see the Hypocrisy? He thought as he lay dying. He could do nothing but watch as the savage ritual consumed the pure souls of the weak and the innocent, as the sorcerer he had called friend became a being of pure corruption. With his last breath, Kog sent up a prayer to the mighty smiter above, Balthuzar, and asked that this injustice not be allowed. Kog’s answer…was silence.

Kog saw the Sorcerer fall over, his soul come out of his body, then he stood and placed it into a vial. His friend was an undead monstrosity, and he had helped him become that way. No, Balthuzar had let this happen. Balthuzar had not stopped this wanton death and destruction. Balthuzar had not intervened on behalf of his devoted harbringer of smiting and righteousness.

Kog’s soul was leaving his body, but rather than flee to some dejected paradise, knowing he had failed the ones he left behind, he cried out in hatred. Who would help him destroy Balthuzar, who would help him to show the Smiter what true Revenge was? Were none brave enough to face the God of inaction alongside him?

Kog could feel his soul being brought back to the dark world, being brought back into his body, revived. As he was being revived he felt something whisper “Devote yourself to me, as you once did Balthuzar, and you shall know the sweetness of destruction as well as the bitterness of revenge.” Kog had only one question, “And what shall I call you, my new god?” as if a widow shrieked in the night, he heard a voice cry out, “Bael, Lord of Destruction, do you accept my guidance?”

Kog came into his body and he was different. He showed no resentment to those he had just been slain by, nor did he show any signs of hostility toward the evil creature that stood before him, looking like a pale version of an old friend. Kog’s soul had darkened, he had cast off his old god and taken up the mantle of Bael.

Kog could hear Bael whisper to him. He would become a bulwark of destruction. The epitomy of irony and hypocrisy. Shields are meant for protecting, but he would be a shield of destruction. He was the antithesis of his former self.

Later in life, Kog would fall prey to mindflayers. As the young illathid began to consume his brain, it spoke to him. “thank you for your sacrifice, I will make good use of this body you have afforded me.” Kog replied in his mind “What works will you do with it? For I have the destruction of a God to accomplish, and will not be swayed from this task.”

The illathid was taken back by this, what mortal, in his final moments of life, would care about the destruction of another rather than the preservation of itself? The youth had been prepared for begging, pleading, crying and anguish. This determination surprised it, and in a small way, impressed it. it had to investigate. It pushed a tentacle deep into the cortex, searching through the brain of Kog, it saw his life play out before it, his prayer, his pride in his god, and his anger. Such anger! As the illathid watched the memory of the soul being returned to the body it heard a whisper talking to Kog, but it couldn’t quite make it out.

The illathid poured more of itself into this memory, trying to make out what it heard. Just at the cusp of breaking through and grasping what the whisper was, a deafening command went into it’s mind. “I’M FOND OF THIS ONE LITTLE FLAYER, YOU CAN RIDE ALONG AND ENJOY WHAT COMES NEXT, BUT I WILL HAVE THIS ONE’S OBEDIENCE AND LIFE AT MY DISPOSAL.”

The illathid was stunned, what else could be in this creatures mind? It had spent far too much energy delving and eating, it could not survive at this point if it rejected this host. The illathid put all of it’s strength into the conversion, trying to force the new body to accept it as the rightful brain. The head became his, he could see out of the eyes into the water below, he could feel his gills start to work for the first time. Victory seemed within his grasp, the brain was completely gone and only he remained.

Suddenly, before he had any more time to transform, he felt a stabbing pain in his mind, as if someone were clawing through it. “I…will…not…yield…” The human’s soul was clawing through his mind, fighting for control, and attempting to destroy him. He fought with all he could, but he was too weak from the forced transformation. The last thing the illathid heard was a whispered voice saying “This one is mine…” The illathid went dormant, relinquishing control to gather his strength for the next confrontation.

Kog awoke to his traveling companions rolling him over. They were taken back, and flabberghasted. He blacked out for a mere moment and they had fled to the opposite side of the room. He cared not that he had been irreversibly changed.

Kog had a God to kill.



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