Druid, pacifist, voice of reason.


Cerebral was the fifth son of the fifth son of the house of Cortex. Cerebral felt detached from the politics and mind games of the daes dae mar (the game of houses) and had no desire to delve into the world of aristocracy and backstabbing those you were sworn to. He spent much of his life as a hermit, under a self imposed banishment from society in order to find a peace that passed common comprehension.

Cerebral was in the jungle deep in the midst of a summer heat one day when he came was surprised by an attack from a fierce tiger. He fled as quickly as he could, wildshaping himself into bird and beast and all manner of creatures to make distance. The thick jungle brush kept him from being able to take flight however, and so the chase continued.

After what seemed like an eternity, he broke free of the jungle as a hawk, and the open plains lay before him. Just before he could swoop high up to safety, he felt a massive paw bat him out of the air. The tiger had caught him at the last instant and was now ready to devour it’s meal.

Cerebral did not hate the tiger. He understood the laws of nature were to eat or be eaten, and that one must accept these things for they are irresistable. With his last thoughts on whether he should shapeshift to give the tiger a larger meal, Cerebral suddenly heard a crashing sound.

The tiger mewled in surprise as a large bison crashed into it, freeing cerebral temporarily. The tiger and the bison fought savagely, and eventually the bison crushed the tigers skull. The bison was gravely wounded however and slumped to the ground after it’s adrenaline had been spent, bleeding out. By the time Cerebral had transformed back to a human and healed his broken legs enough to walk, the bison had perished.

Cerebral sat on his haunches, curious as to what could cause a bison to fight so bravely and viciously against a predator. He looked around confused until he heard a gentle cooing sound from behind a blueberry bush nearby.

Upon further inspection, Cerebral found a young bison calf. The mother had been trying to protect the calf, and Cerebral had been so small as the bird that the mother only saw the tiger charging out of the brush and immediately fought back with all she had.

“I think I’ll call you…” he looked again at the brush around him and the blueberries that the calf was quietly munching on “…Berry. Berry the bison.”



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