Sorcerer, Lich, Lachanophobic


Calandryll is an unusual individual. Unlike most High Elves, Calandryll has always had a fascination for the darker knowledge, a thirst for the arts and an affinity for power.

Calandryll has had a relatively short life for a high elf, and many referred to him as a hasty youngster, but none could deny his magical aptitude. He was willing to perform the riskiest spells regardless of the possible outcomes, all for the sake of strength.

Calandryll has also been an opportunist whenever he could avail himself of power. That is why, it came as no surprise that he spelljacked a necromancers spell and turned himself to a lich, regardless of the consequences.

Calandryll is not an evil person, however he failed to account for the wanton death and soul destruction this spell was causing. When he absorbed this into his soul, the corruption was more than he expected and his soul fractured. Occasionally he can feel the tendrils of madness tear at his mind, telling him to destroy, to maim, to feast, and to conquer.

Calandryll has thusfar fought this off successfully, and has hopes that he can one day mend his soul, and possibly become a noble and pure lich (oxymoronic as that sounds.) There is only one thing that truly seems to hinder him more than any other, his pride.

Calandryll hates to be outsmarted, he loaths the idea of someone being more crafty than he is, and goes out of his way to prove his mental acuity. Calandryll has been set upon time and time again by a pair of dwarven twin brothers who are master thieves and masters of disguise.

These brothers have waylayed calandryll at every turn. He has developed an irrational fear of starchy vegetables because of these two, and is torn between trying to destroy them and fear of their capabilities time and again.

He wakes in the middle of the night in cold sweats, breathing heavily even though he does not need to breathe, or sweat. He always feels like when he wakes up from these nightmares he can faintly smell fried potatoes on the wind.

These brothers are actually increasing the paranoia in Calandryll’s mind. While he tries to fight it, he can’t help but be suspicious of every stranger he meets, every unusual part of the environment, even his own party members at times. Out of the corner of his eye from time to time he swears he spots a little old lady who vanishes from sight, or an alchemist who seems a little too cheerful to make a trade.



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