Gnomish Thief, agent of Chaos.


As gnomes go, Azmodane is smaller than most. Quicker too, with his hands that is. his father always said “what he lacked for wits, he makes up for in crits.” Azmodane never understood what that meant. What are crits?

As far as Azmodane was concerned, every mark he took down was a badge of honor. It wasn’t that he was commiting a crime or doing some evil, he was simply providing himself the lavish things he thought he needed. If a few kidneys bled as a result; well, money that is blood stained is still accepted by merchants.

Azmodane made his way on the streets of the human city Duerldan. As an orphan it was kill or be killed, and he quickly learned that being faster than someone was a better way of getting what you wanted than being stronger. Growing up in the slums required him to think on the fly, often disguising himself the moment he walked around a corner with a lifted bit of food before his pursuers could catch up.

Azmodane doesn’t know what his real name is, he picked it himself because he heard some old bearded guy in a jewelry store one time say something about a real strong dude who had a name that sounded like Azmodane. He figured what’s the worst that could happen? maybe people would get scared when they heard the name, and they’d be scared of him thinking he was the other guy.

Azmodane has lived his whole life for himself, because noone else has ever been there for him so what need has he for them? However, Azmodane does still have a dream…

His dream? to one day be able to rid himself of fear, to not worry about being small, and to never have the need to steal or kill again. Plus gold. He really likes gold.



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